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Governance | Performance | Risk | Complience

We operate mainly in Sweden with Corporater software and provide implementations, maintenance and training services.

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Corporater Business Management Platform

Corporater was developed with a core belief that software should adapt to the way organizations manage their business, not the other way around. Corporater’s flexible configuration options enable you to configure your solution per your specific requirements and make ongoing modifications as your needs evolve. Integrate data from multiple sources, set up custom dashboards, automate complex processes, create exceptions to your rules, make changes to your organizational structures, and easily update your workflows when your requirements change.

With Corporater you are never stuck, never locked in.

Have it your way

Configure custom dashboards, automate workflows, visualize data, set up alerts, and more.

Customize and modify

Customize every page to your liking with your brand colors, images, and other design elements.

Optimize and scale

Make ongoing adjustments to your solution. Add entities and optimize your processes where needed.